Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Why Chiropractic & Why The Integrative Health Center

You have many health care options.  First of course is the care provided by the excellent doctors at the various Kupot Cholim.  After that it becomes a blur for many.  There are many alternative therapies, all of  which are provided by some very talented and caring people who deliver effective care.

In most people's minds the medical doctor is thought of as "the doctor", the one with the highest level of education, and they have certainly earned that reputation.

What about the chiropractor?  He also uses the title doctor as conferred by his degree.  Is the chiropractor a "real" doctor?  Take a look at this link
from my website comparing medical school to chiropractic school:

As you can see chiropractic education is very similar to medical education.   Each has a different emphasis.  MDs get more training in pharmacology, immunology, general surgery, pathology, and other areas specific to the care they provide.  DCs get more training in anatomy, physiology, neurology, and orthopedics.

Chiropractic is no longer "alternative" care.  It is complementary care.

The chiropractor is the one most like your MD in level of education!  He is highly educated and qualified to be on your health care team as an expert in spinal hygiene, posture & ergonomics, neuromusculoskeletal problems, injuries due to sports or accidents, and nutritional issues.

Why The Integrative Health Center?  Top 10 reasons:

*Advanced post grad training in neurology and nutrition
*Offering a wide variety of modalities
*Regular spinal manipulation & gentle techniques
*Treat the person and not the problem!
*10 years experience
*Worked with many MDs and can communicate with your doctor
*Reasonably priced expert level service
*Gives you the time you need
*What I do is fun!
*Bottom line: Great results!  Ask my patients!

Be well & be healthy!

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