Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Depressed Mood Increases The Perception Of Pain

Depressed Mood Increases The Perception Of Pain: "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

Oh wow, this is really fascinating! Researchers have linked depressed moods with an increased perception of pain in the body. I've been working with a combination of techniques that verify this and work very powerfully to decrease pain and negative moods and emotions. Patients can see and feel the results right away, even during the treatment itself. So much of body pain is induced by stress and negative emotions. Of course we have always known of the mind body connection, but now we have a little more evidence.

One patient came in with his neck flexed forward and completely stuck. He was unable to move a drop in any direction. He was in fear as well, and understandably so.

I quickly realized that I would be unable to give him a neck adjustment so I laid him down on his belly and did some gentle stretches. When I finished he was actually worse and fighting back tears. I considered sending him to the ER.

I decided to try this new approach for the first time. Earlier I established with him that he had no particular stress in his life. Happy marriage, great kids, and his own business in the creative arts which he enjoyed.

I got to work and started asking him about past experiences. It turns out that as a soldier he had to kill two people about to perpetrate a terrorist attack on a beach. This was some 2o years ago. When this was revealed I had him contact the emotional point on his forehead and his neck at the same time. While he was doing this I held a bottle of oil of Frankincense/Levonah/Boswellia under his nose as he inhaled deeply.

When Frankincense is inhaled it hits the olfactory bulb of the brain and triggers the brain to produce powerful anti-anxiety/depression medications. Natural medications with no side effects!

In two treatments this person's pain and stiffness completely disappeared. I was as shocked as he was and almost as happy. All of this was done without a chiropractic adjustment. Now he comes in for regular adjustments to maintain his status.

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