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Facebook | The Integrative Health Center: Trust Your Doctor

Facebook | The Integrative Health Center: Trust Your Doctor: "You pick a Doctor, and trust him or her, precisely because you have not gone to medical school. And if you indeed do not trust your Doctor, or think you know better , do yourself and the Dr. a favor--go away, and find another Doctor.

Because if you do not trust him , if you think he is not knowledgeable enough , or that he has an agenda (such as money or kavod)--well , as Moshe Rabeinu put it—“Ribbono shel Olom: This won't work.” Because you will find 101 things to complain about , nothing he does will satisfy you , you will kvetch and complain about how he treats you--because you are missing the basic element of trust. You don't trust him.

By Rabbi Chaim Malinowitz - with permission from the ‘Chadash’ Beit Shemesh Weekly

Yes, maybe he has to earn your trust--that's ok. And yes, he should allow you to ask questions , and he should answer your questions as best as he can , and explain as much as he can. And yes --very
important-- part of trust is that you trust him to admit when he doesn't know something ,and will consult with a more expert doctor and find out the answer for you. But certainly expect that at some
point , he's going to turn to you and say--Sir, Madam, I went to medical school, spent years and tears (EDITOR---THIS IS NOT A TYPO!!) studying and interning--trust me , or , find a Doctor whom you will

And when you find a Doctor whom you trust--you will trust him with all your medical issues.You will ask him which is surgeons you can trust , which pharmacy you should use---all your medical questions
will go to him.He will answer you,or he will refer you to someone who knows the answer.You are secure-you trust him. And if you don't---it won't work, just go away. The foundation of the relationship must be one of trust.

And why have medical referral services sprouted? Because the world of medicine has grown by leaps and bounds, there are specialists for just about every limb and every illness imaginable ; we intuit that our doctor can't keep up with all that knowledge , and the reality is also that trust between patient and Doctor has broken down (thanks to the world of medical insurance), and most people have never had the experience of a true 'family Doctor' who knows them, they know him, and they simply trust him.

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The chiropractor is the doctor of the past and the future, the one who takes the time to listen, and explains what might be the problem. That future is now.

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