Monday, November 01, 2010

TECHNION FOCUS MAGAZINE - Research - Pruning Neuronal Trees

TECHNION FOCUS MAGAZINE - Research - Pruning Neuronal Trees: "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

An Israeli study of the development of mechanoreceptor neurons and it's impact on the growth of neuronal trees. These are the same mechanoreceptors we chiropractors affect with our adjustments! Could it be that by stimulating mechanoreceptors we are promoting the growth of neuronal trees?

The old chiropractic model is a bone of out place pinching a nerve. The new model says that joints become restricted and no longer move freely. Mechanoreceptors located with the joints no longer are stimulated since they respond to motion and there is none. The chiropractic adjustment does three things:

1) restores joint Range of Motion (ROM)
2) fires a barrage of info into the mechanoreceptors
3) quick stretches the muscle, thereby helping it to relax

Motion is life. Motion fires off the receptors located in your joints, muscles, and ligaments and that all feeds to the brain. That information plus all the sensory input keeps the brain active and healthy. The brain is the master over the whole body and relies on this stimulation to maintain itself and the rest of the body. When you exercise you not only give your body a workout but you are also fueling your brain with lots of input from your whole body' receptors firing off! The cross crawl of opposite arms and legs moving forward is especially good.

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