Sunday, November 14, 2010

Brain chemical that regulates mood may have anti-diabetic properties

Brain chemical that regulates mood may have anti-diabetic properties: "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

Serotonin helps to regulate blood sugar! This is a great piece of info for clinicians and patients.

Lack of proper rest has been associated with obesity for quite some time and now we have a new piece of the puzzle. This study ties together brain and liver function, metabolism and blood sugar regulation.

What it does not address is that much serotonin, perhaps 80%, is produced in the intestinal system. Digestive health is also affected by sleep and stress levels. So you see how this all ties together. The whole body talks and communicates. This is especially true of the neuroendocrine system. If you hear cortisol you can think melatonin and insulin. Now you can add serotonin to the list. And there's much more!

Western medicine compartmentalized everything and one day will have to adjust for this new knowledge. In the meantime the integrative practitioner already knows how to tie together brain function, sleep issues, blood sugar, stress levels, digestive status, and more into one comprehensive package. This is the way the research is going.

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