Saturday, November 20, 2010

Children's Belly Fat Affects Heart Risk

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Children today are fatter than ever before. On one hand it's pretty simple. Like their parents their diet is awful and they're too busy playing with their thumbs rather than their legs. The rate of soft drink consumption has skyrocketed in recent times and therefore so has sugar, and even worse artificial sweeteners, which are hundreds of times sweeter than sugar and are neurotoxic.

Compounding the problem is also the presence of multiple environmental toxins which have an effect on the brain and neuorendocrine system. Many of these chemicals are estrogenizing, meaning in this case that greater fat stores will be induced in kids exposed to them. Unfortunately these chemicals can be found in the air, water, and soil. This means they're found in the water we drink, in the air we breathe, and in the food we eat. Through lab testing we can find out how much of a problem this is and then we can take steps to reverse and minimize future damage. This is the most difficult area to control.

Excess soy products may also be estrogenizers. This is bad for boys in that it will encourage female sex traits and bad for girls in that it will induce early puberty and development. The best soy products are natural fermented products like natto. Stay away from any processed soy products like soy dogs, soy ice cream, soy cheese, soy meat, etc.

In this study waist size was found to correlate to increased blood pressure rates as opposed to BMI (Body Mass Index).

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