Thursday, October 14, 2010

Green light can reset your internal body clock, affect sleep

Green light can reset your internal body clock, affect sleep

We are unavoidably tied into the natural rhythms of our world.  Light and dark, day and night,  play a huge role in our sleep -wake cycle. 

"The white light in our lives, whether from most light bulbs or the sun, is a rainbow of colors from violet to red, research has shown. It has long been known that exposure to that full spectrum resets the body's circadian clock, the rhythm that synchronizes our 24-hour cycle of alertness and sleepiness, along with hormones and a cascade of other physiologic processes all timed to the sun's passage through the day."

Before electricity people pretty much got up at dawn and went to sleep when the sun went down.  Today in our hi-tech world we no longer sleep. This is having a huge impact on our health.  It causes us to be sick more, to age faster, and increases our susceptibility to obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer.

Ideally we need about 7 solid hours of sleep per night, preferably from no later than 11 PM.  The room should be very dark and of there is a digital alarm display that should be covered.  The bedroom should be for sleeping only.  No TV, no reading, no eating.

Get out into the sun during the day and get into a nice cozy dark bedroom at night!

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