Thursday, August 05, 2010

One high-fat diet, two different outcomes: The path to obesity becomes clearer

One high-fat diet, two different outcomes: The path to obesity becomes clearer: "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

ScienceDaily (Aug. 5, 2010) — Why is it that two people can consume the same high fat, high-calorie Western diet and one becomes obese and prone to diabetes while the other maintains a slim frame? This question has long baffled scientists, but a study by Yale School of Medicine researchers provides a simple explanation: weight is set before birth in the developing brain.
Dr. Rosenberg's comments: Body composition may indeed be predetermined from birth. In today's society very few people can eat a high fat diet and remain thin and even if they do they still have to contend with heart disease, diabetes, stroke, etc.
Does this mean you should lose hope if you are heavy and have "tried everything"? Absolutely not. I believe the key to this study lies not within the high fat diet itself but rather its effect on the brain, and by that I mean inflammation.
"Those who are vulnerable to diet-induced obesity also develop a brain inflammation, while those who are resistant, do not," he said. "This emerging inflammatory response in the brain may also explain why those who once developed obesity have a harder time losing weight."
Inflammation literally means the brain is on metabolic fire and so are most of the cells in the body. The good news is that this can be tested for and reversed fairly easily! Once inflammation is reduced so is the obesity. And then other function begins to improve as well. This is like a film of dominoes in reverse!
Specific lab testing for markers of inflammation as well as neurotransmitter levels give a clear picture of exactly needs to be done to reduce the inflammation with the use of diet, exercise, nutrients, and sleep. This is all specific even to the time of day your body needs the support.
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