Thursday, August 19, 2010

1,800 Year-Old Chinese Herbal Remedy Reduced Toxicity And Boosted Effect Of Chemotherapy

1,800 Year-Old Chinese Herbal Remedy Reduced Toxicity And Boosted Effect Of Chemotherapy: "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

This is great news for cancer patients who suffer from the sickening effects of chemotherapy. One of the effects of chemo is gastrointestinal toxicity which "causes great distress for millions of patients", according to senior author Dr Yung-Chi "Tommy" Cheng, Henry Bronson professor of pharmacology at Yale and co-director of the University Cancer Center's Developmental Therapeutics.

I have seen first hand what chemotherapy does to people with already weakened immune systems. Chemo drugs are designed to kill cells. The hope is that it will kill enough of the cancer cells before it kills too many healthy cells. That's not always the case.

Most oncologists are loathe to give any type of nutritional support simply because they are taught that nutrients will feed the cancer. This is not the case. The body must have these nutrients in order to combat the chemo!

In this study an herbal formula 1,800 years old was found to be very effective. Mice "experienced less toxicity, lost less weight and showed more anti-tumor activity than similar mice not given the formula."

The medical establishment wants to maintain their status quo, saying that more studies need to be done before these herbs can be given. Which do you trust more? A formula that's been around for 1,800 years or something so toxic that it may kill more of your healthy cells before it can kill your cancer cells? You know what that means.

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