Sunday, January 31, 2010

Use of potentially harmful chemicals kept secret under law -

*84,000 chemicals in commercial use in the United States.
*Nearly 20 percent are secret.
*About 700 chemicals are introduced annually.
*"...many pose a "substantial risk" to public health or the environment."
*Of the secret chemicals, 151 are made in quantities of more than 1 million tons a year and 10 are used specifically in children's products, according to the EPA.

These chemicals are produced and emitted into the environment and our households in the hundreds of millions of tons annually. They can be found at the most fundamental stages of life; in our air, water, soil, and of course food. 100% of the human population carries these toxins. Even the cord blood of newborns has tested positive for a wide array of toxins.

These chemicals can be the source of the increase of a wide variety of otherwise unexplained ailments; hormonal and neurotransmitter problems such as ADD, anxiety, insomnia, and depression; cognitive decline such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's; autoimmune disorders, digestive problems, organ failure, blood sugar disorders, cancer, and the list goes on.

It is imperative for everyone of us to seek out a detoxification program by using diet, nutrition, exercise, and other methods under the guidance of a doctor with experience in this field.

The Integrative Health Center provides such a service locally in Israel and by phone consult to anywhere in the U.S. Please see the contact page for further info.

Use of potentially harmful chemicals kept secret under law -

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