Monday, August 17, 2009

9 Drug-Free Approaches to Managing ADHD

Drugs for ADD and ADHD fill receptor sites in the brain to produce temporary effects. When the drug wears off the problem is still there and a new dose is needed. Over time the brain's receptor sites can become sensitized to the drug and the dose. Either more drug is needed or a different drug is needed. Now the studies are saying that "....more than 60 percent of the children on stimulants stopped taking the medication within eight years. What's more, the medications used in the study might have stunted participants' growth, researchers concluded."

No parent wants to stunt their kids growth just to get them to concentrate and behave normally. There are better ways to deal with ADD/ADHD. The best way is to build new neural pathways and receptor sites with various brain excercises and to fill those sites with nutrients which will make a permanent change for the better without side effects. The practitioner is seek out is an expert in functional neurology and a clinical nutritionist. My office provides both services.

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