Monday, December 06, 2010

Strike a Pose - TIME

Strike a Pose - TIME: "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

Just by adopting a "power pose" such as feet up on a desk can rapidly increase testosterone levels. Our body is so incredible! We put so much faith in pills and drugs but we can do so much for ourselves just by doing simple things. Sadly most of us are so disconnected from ourselves and so reliant on the so called experts and mountains of information coming our way that we forget that within each of us is an awesome power to change ourselves. Simply by sitting one way or the other! Or getting off the gerbil wheel of life and stopping to hear ourselves breathe. Turn off all the external garbage and listen to yourself! Turn off the music, the radio, the TV. Give your brain a break. Get to know yourself again. Change your thoughts, change your physiology, change your reality!

Eat healthy foods to satiation, drink 2-3 liters water every day, sleep 7 hours in a dark and relaxing room, move, breathe deeply, stop and think about what you take for granted.

This is a bit off topic but very relevant to the discussion:

You will appreciate and digest an apple so much better if you take a close look at it before taking a bite. Think about everything that went into making that apple. The seed which grew into a tree, the fertile soil, the sun, the rain, and the farmer who tended the orchard. The blossom and then the maturing fruit. The picking, the transportation, and then finally your choice of that apple at that moment. Look at the skin. Is it solid red? Or do you now see stripes, spots and different colors? Say a blessing of thanks to G-d and then take a bite. Chew slowly appreciating the texture and flavor. Now doesn't that test especially good?

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