Monday, December 20, 2010

Nutritional Expert Recommends 5 Tips for Buying Safer Vitamins |

Nutritional Expert Recommends 5 Tips for Buying Safer Vitamins | "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

Buying vitamins is usually a very confusing event for most people. First of all people buy what they think they may need based upon a neighbors advice or after reading something on the internet. When they make an appointment for some health issue I ask if they're taking any medications and vitamins. If yes, I ask what specific vitamins and which brands they're using. I also ask about forms of minerals, of which they usually have not idea.

Patients who are taking lots of vitamins more often than not are taking nearly everything but missing the one or two crucial nutrients they need. Ironically these are the people usually most concerned about price.

For the most many part store bought supplements are cheap junk. It's also possible to pay a lot for that cheap junk. Your best bet is a nutritional evaluation with an integrative practitioner and if needed they will supply top quality supplements available only through doctors. The supplements offered are by companies who only deal with doctors. There is a lot of competition in the industry so innovative formulas and top quality are in the best interests of these companies. They are compelled to have as many certifications as possible for quality control as possible in addition to sometimes being kosher certified.

The bottom line is steer clear of the supplement shelf at the pharmacy or supermarket. Visit a qualified professional to best determine your needs. In this way you feel better and will save money in the long run too!

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