Monday, December 06, 2010

Just Breathe: Body Has A Built-In Stress Reliever : NPR

Just Breathe: Body Has A Built-In Stress Reliever : NPR: "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

Are you not sleeping enough? Are you always on the run? Are you gaining weight and can't stop? Are you always tired and frequently irritable? Are you having digestive problems? Infertility problems? Losing hair?

Well, just stop....and take a deep breath! And then do it some more. And then get into the habit of doing it regularly! You may find that your health will improve significantly. This will have a hug impact on your high stress levels.

Deep breathing has a tremendous and powerful effect on the whole body. If you can use this method to decrease stress, why not? It's free and has no side effects. You can even change your genetics! You will be energized and relaxed and that opens you up to all possibilities!

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