Monday, December 21, 2009

Rate of Autism Disorders Climbs to One Percent Among 8-year-olds

The rate of autism in children is on the rise and no one seems to know conclusively what causes it. There are many theories including genetic links, environmental factors, and vaccinations. What is alarming is that now 1 in 110 U.S. children have been classified with ASD or related disorders. This is a 57% increase from only 4 years earlier.

My personal belief based upon clinical knowledge and experience is that the source of this problem is primarily from an external source, and that source is environmental toxins and possibly the additives in vaccines. We know what is being pumped into the air, water, and soil in unprecedented amounts. Tons of industrial waste, pesticides, solvents, plastics, heavy metals, raw sewage, and pharmaceuticals are now in our food and water supply. Crops are grown with genetic modifications in soil fertilized with human sewage and irrigated with water containing and wide slew of toxicants including a stew of prescription drugs.

A wide range of toxins, totaling nearly 300, was found in the cord blood of newborns. The baby has already been exposed to the mother's toxins. After birth it will suckle mother's milk from a breast most likely filled with toxins. Breast tissue is mainly fatty and that's where the body stores toxins. Most likely mom uses an antiperspirant containing aluminum and this easily transfers to the breast. If the baby takes formula then it gets a whopping dose of fructose which was found to contain mercury.

Next baby gets his vaccinations. There is a lot of controversy and denial of any link between vaccines and autism but one thing is very clear. The levels of mercury in vaccines far exceed the dose which the CDC deems as safe. While there may not be a absolute direct link logic dictates that this is a potentially dangerous scenario. Also take into consideration the load of multiple doses of vaccine.

One answer is for parents to undergo an exam and detoxification program before getting pregnant. Children can also benefit from this program whether or not they have ASD or a related condition.

My office offers this service. Please be in touch for more information.

Rate of autism disorders climbs to one percent among 8-year-olds

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