Wednesday, December 16, 2009

CTV News | The Liberation Treatment: A whole new approach to MS

A new study and theory of the cause of MS has led scientists to the discovery that excess pooled iron in the brain could be the cause. Based upon these findings a new diagnosis and surgical treatment has been devised.

Before trying surgery try these tips and strongly consider spinal manipulation to correct improper spinal curvatures. The chiropractic adjustment provides three major functions:

1) Puts a quick stretch in the muscle. This helps spastic muscles relax through a neurofeedback loop.

2) Restores Range of Motion to the joints

3) Provides a barrage of info to the brain via activation of joint mechanoreceptors

These 3 benefits of the adjustment can help the smooth muscle of the blood vessels to relax. It also has a profound effect on the autonomic nervous system, meaning relaxation of smooth muscle (e.g. veins) and increased blood flow. Restoration of normal spinal biomechanics and supporting soft tissue structures can go a long way in helping many health problems. Hans Selye stated that postural deformities are the beginning of the disease process.

CTV News | The Liberation Treatment: A whole new approach to MS

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