Monday, April 12, 2010

Biological link between stress, anxiety and depression identified

Through chemical signals in the brain stress can lead to anxiety and depression. We are all faced with stress and some of can actually be good for us. Today, however, we have stress from just too many angles. Poor diet and sleep habits, overuse of electronics and exposure to electromagnetic fields, lack of economic and societal stability, environmental pollution affecting everything we eat, breathe, and drink, and....and....and....You can probably add a whole lot to this list. The key is to modify our ability to handle the stress. An already stressed system exposed to more chronic stress will, without a doubt, succumb given enough time.

This study shows on a biological level how stress turns into anxiety and depression. We want to head off the anxiety and depression and need for meds and therapy. The first key is to decide what's really worth stressing about. Then it's very important to test your cortisol and other hormones and neurotransmitters to find out how your body is handling all this stress. Usually it's not so good. When this information is gathered you can be put on a nutritional program which will boost your ability to handle stress.

Next it's really important to determine your ability to detoxify and choose appropriate nutrients and diet. A prescription of 7 hours sleep a night is mandatory in order to restore your sleep wake hormones which have been depleted due to bad habits.

Water is the next key to helping your brain and body. So many people are simply dehydrated, both from lack of water intake combined with excess consumption of caffeinated beverages which act as diuretics.

After all this is accomplished a plan of excercise can be drawn up to build cardio vascular integrity and restore lost muscle mass. Along the way this will also help normalize blood sugar, reduce fat, strengthen the heart and other inner organs, and drastically reduce the chances of all the major diseases.

Best of all you'll feel good and enjoy life! Why not?

Biological link between stress, anxiety and depression identified

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