Monday, November 09, 2009

Trigger for brain plasticity identified

Plasticity is the brain's ability to reform and rebuild as needed. External activities drive this mechanism. The best way to achieve plasticity is through new and challenging activities which require mental exertion. Crossword puzzles, learning a new language, or counting backwards are examples. Learning a new physical activity will also lead to greater plasticity. If you want a healthy brain as you age get moving and start something new!

Trigger for brain plasticity identified


Martin Walker said...

Hello, Dr. Rosenberg.

Your readers may also be interested in a study from last year. University researchers from Michigan and Bern designed a brain training technique that will increase general intelligence through intensive working memory exercises.

Mind Sparke uses this technique in its popular program "Brain Fitness Pro."


Hoop Groop said...

Thanks for this link. This is my focus when teaching my Hoop Groop Hul Hoop Classes. I find Hooping for brain plasticity to be the most fun and effective way to broaden your physical horizons. I also focus on breaking old neuromuscular patterns.