Sunday, March 15, 2009

Why Are Women So Tired?

Here is a list of 17 questions relating to fatigue. If you answer "yes" to 5 or more of them, you need further evaluation.

1)Are you lacking energy?
2)Are you pale?
3)Do you have dark circle under your eyes?
4)Do you have a decreased ability to excercise?
5)Do you have ridged fingernails and/or brittle hair?
6)Do you have shortness of breath anytime you exert yourself? (Even when going to a standing position from sitting?)
7)Does it feel like your pulse is pounding or heart racing?
8)Do you have a hard time concentrating?
9)Do you suffer dizziness or buzzing in the ears?
10)Do you have increased infections? (Including nails).
11)Is your tongue sore?
12)Do you crave starch, ice, clay, or dirt?
13)Has your appetite decreased?
14)Do you suffer dull headaches or restless legs?
15)Do you eat less than 4 cups of veggies per day?
16)Are you vegetarian?
17)Have you been yo-yo dieting?

If you answered "yes" to five or more of these questions you need further evaluation and may be deficient in iron. You should ask your doctor for a CBC, full chemistry, TIBC (RBC, Hematocrit, low iron, etc.).

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