Monday, March 16, 2009

7 Steps for Promoting Strong Bones

Everyone knows how important it is to have strong and healthy bones, but if you asked how that's achieved many people simply wouldn't know. Some people would say that calcium is important and therefore we should drink milk. That's not a bad start but it's still not completely correct. Calcium is important but there are many other factors that contribute to bone health.

Bone is hard tissue but it isn't like rock. Bone, like all body tissues, is constantly breaking down and rebuilding. For this to happen effectively the right conditions must be present.

1) Maximize nutrient intake
  • eat a well-rounded diet
  • other nutrients: calcium, manganese, fluoride, boron, silica, magnesium, Vitamins C, B5, D, K, chromium, copper
2) Build digestive health
  • you must digest and absorb, normalize stomach acid levels
  • food combining and digestive enzymes (only take if prescribed by a doctor)
3) Minimize anti-nutrient intake
  • no sugar, refined starches, alcohol, caffeine, soda, especially colas
4) Excercise
  • aerobic and weight bearing

5) Develop alkaline diet

  • same as the "no-no" list for anti-nutrients, but also avoid phosphoric acid found in colas which leaches calcium from the bones
  • eat lots of greens, other veggies and fruits, drink 64-80 oz of water a day
6) Promote endocrine vitality
  • normalize cortisol levels
  • if cortisol is high at night this is very harmful to bone health
  • prime bone building time is at night during sleep
  • test cortisol 4 times per day with a salivary test
7) Sun exposure
  • make your own Vitamin D

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