Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Diabetes Drug Maker Hid Test Data, Files Indicate - NYTimes.com

Diabetes Drug Maker Hid Test Data, Files Indicate - NYTimes.com: "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

What other secrets do the drug companies keep? They will do anything, including risking the health of you and your loved ones, to keep raking in BIG profits and $$$$.

So you think, "What can I do? My blood sugar is out of control. My blood pressure is high. My cholesterol is through the roof and my doctor says I can die from a stroke."

You should know there are diet and lifestyle changes that will help reverse these problems. The catch? You have to be involved! You must be in touch with yourself and have the right person coaching and encouraging you along. You have that choice. If you take this route you will be amply rewarded, beyond what you put into it. The right nutrition is powerful medicine without the side effects...like death.

If you take the drug route all you have to do is pop that little pill. The one with the lousy covered up results that will endanger your life.

You also have an opportunity to do a combination of prescription medications and nutritionals. Find a good doctor, one who is not quick to prescribe. Most MDs know little of nutrition. If yours does that's great. More of the younger doctors are getting some of this training. If you like your doctor but he doesn't have much knowledge in this area find a good clinical nutritionist. More and more chiropractors also serve as board certified clinical nutritionists. Check www.CBCN.US for a listing in your area.

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