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"HOSPITAL acronym for 8 inefficiencies in Healthcare

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HOSPITAL acronym for 8 inefficiencies in Healthcare

I created this acronym to help folks in the Healthcare environment recall the 8 inefficiencies that exist in all medical facilities. There are a few medical facilities, such as Miami Children’s Hospital and Baystate Medical that are using this … I’m wondering which others are also using.

We briefly review this during our free Online Healthcare White Belt Program … at I thought I’d share here as well.

H = Halting or waiting. Patients wait in “Waiting Rooms”, doctors and nurses wait for test results, organizations wait for payments … the list goes on.
O = Overproducing. Data is entered in multiple locations/databases, extra tests are performed (defensive medicine), and patient information is written in multiple places.
S = Slips or errors. Miscommunication, medicine errors, data loss/errors
P = Processes which are non value added. Redoing X-Rays or Lab tests, Triage, writing prescriptions.
I = Inventory. Too much inventory is costly, running out causes other issues, too many patients is also a form of inventory.
T = Transportation. Movement of patients from one area to another, chasing approvals (transportation of a requisition), data hand-offs.
A = Action or motion. The physical movement within an area (not moving a patient or thing through the process) … going to make a copy, searching for a patient’s chart, locating supplies or equipment (bed linen, pill crushers, etc.)
L = Lack of employee engagement. Failure to engage the workforce in solving problems. Not educating, including on teams, or soliciting ideas to address issues.

Lean is about identifying, then reducing/eliminating these inefficiencies. I’d welcome feedback and thoughts about this. I’m certain that this group could list many more examples of each of these … finding the issues is a big part of resolving them.

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