Sunday, May 24, 2009

Probiotics may reduce eczema risk by 60 per cent

Probiotics literally mean "in support of life" much as antibiotics are "against life" in that they were designed to kill bacterial infections. Probiotics are also known as "good bugs" or "friendly flora" and they live in the intestinal system. There are about 3 lbs of them in the average healthy adult and there are more of them than there are cells in the body. Most people know acidophilus but there are many more types and they have different functions. They are critical for digestion and absorption, immune function, and more.

In this study they showed effectiveness in preventing eczema in infants by 58%. Many health problems have the gut as a point of initiation. The skin is the body's largest organ and eczema is an external manifestation of an internal probiotic imbalance. This study also shows the general importance of how good nutrition impacts the body in a positive way. The body's built in intelligence knows what to do with the right raw materials it needs to function.

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