Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sex problems 'may be heart alert'

Why do some men who take Viagra for ED get heart attacks? It's not from the sudden excitement. If blood flow is impaired to certain parts of the body (such as your private parts) you can be sure it's impaired to other parts of the body; like your heart. This is a warning signal! Why do we always focus on a particular body part without looking at the whole picture?? Thankfully this research may shed light on this important (and impotent) issue and help save some lives.

Says BBC News, "Men with diabetes who are having trouble keeping an erection could be at increased risk of serious heart problems, suggests a study".

If you have impaired blood flow and diabetes you need to immediatley consult with a nutritionist in addition to your medical doctors. A nutrition and activity program can help tremendously with these conditions, thereby reducing or eliminating your need for prescription meds, and hopefully enhancing the quality of your life without side effects. The last thing any couple wants is for the man to die of a heart attack, especially during sex.

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